INTERTOUR series was stoped.

Part from letter CIAM FAI:

Furthermore, if INTERTOUR wishes to have the FAI recognition for the overall ranking
based on its events that use FAI rules, it is required to enter into a formal cooperation
between INTERTOUR and FAI. Otherwise INTERTOUR should not use the FAI rules for
identifying the winner of its event series. Part of such a cooperation is a fee for the
recognition of the INTERTOUR event series itself that should be in the capability of
INTERTOUR. As mentioned before, we wait for your proposal in this regard.

Next steps
Until we receive a clear indication from your side that you wish to cooperate with FAI we
regret to let you know that you will have to remove any FAI logos, F5J events references
to the FAI Sporting Code and anything else related to FAI intellectual property or FAI rights
as displayed.

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